Air Compressors by Champion

Champion compressors can be used in different operating environments, and are renowned for their dependability over decades of use. No matter the application, you can trust Champion compressors to get the job done.

The Champion Advantage Program features fully equipped compressor packages that are available for immediate shipment. Premium accessories are also used to complement the superior-performing compressor, which helps you save time and protect your investment.

Advantage Standard Features:

  • Heavy-duty, two-stage, splash-lubricated air compressor pump/s
  • Multi-finned cylinders
  • Integral cylinder head
  • Intercoolers for cooling between stages
  • Reliable high-flow disc valves
  • Tapered roller main bearings
  • Balanced crankshaft
  • Oil level sight glass
  • Centrifugal unloader for loadless starting
  • 0 – 300 PSIG air pressure gauge
  • Factory-filled with ChampLub lubricants
  • Vertical or horizontal configurations
  • ASME code air receiver
  • Oversized inlet filter